Creator Camp: Take Your Stream to the Next Level at Twitchcon Europe


TwitchCon Europe isn’t just about games, esports, and meetups; it’s also a great place to learn tips and skills to step up your streams.

Creator Camp is coming to Berlin, so get ready for tons of panels led by experienced streamers who have done it all before. There will be courses about building your brand, growing your community, understanding your analytics, and a lot more.

If you’re ready to start streaming, just became an Affiliate, or even if you’re a Partner, we’ve got lessons to help you take your stream to the next level. Here’s a glimpse at the topics you can come learn about:

  • Getting Started: Including setting up your channel and fundamental do’s and don’ts from successful streamers
  • Taking Your Stream to the Next Level: Including understanding analytics and collaborating with other creators
  • Engaging Your Community: Including keeping chat active and helping viewers feel welcome with good moderation
  • Running Your Business: Including business advice and strategies for leveraging Twitch’s monetization tools

Each course lasts an hour, and we’ll post the full Creator Camp schedule before TwitchCon Europe begins. Stay tuned to @TwitchCon Twitter for more.