Ambassador Spotlight 1: Tinkerleo

Tinkerleo’s path to Twitch partnership started at childhood, with a dream to become an actress and an addiction to her Game Boy—which she lovingly calls “the old grey box.” A few job changes, several Hearthstone matches, and one leap of faith later, our first TwitchCon Europe Ambassador is here to share how sometimes the best things happen when you least expect them. 

Before Tinkerleo ever went live on Twitch, she spent most of her days in Azeroth with her World of Warcraft guildmates. Even though they were her “bonus family,” she was growing tired of the game and needed a new challenge. 

Enter: Hearthstone. A game that, aside from sharing some characters and lore with World of Warcraft, is almost as different from her old MMO as a video game can possibly be. 

“The game was so much fun, but playing all alone was boring,” she said. “I really missed talking about the game with others while playing.” When a friend introduced her to Twitch, she decided to start streaming her Hearthstone matches. It turned out to be exactly what she was looking for. 

“When I started my first stream, I was so nervous. I talked about every single thing I was doing in the game, even if no one was watching. But then my first viewer asked me some things about a move I did, which resulted in us talking about my options for the next move. Suddenly I had five viewers, and then 10, and so on, and we were talking about everything—about me, about them, about the game. We had so much fun.” 

Tinkerleo held a marketing job at Deutsche Bank, but she knew that wasn’t what she wanted to do with her life. As a little girl, she dreamed of performing on stage, and that dream stayed with her through the years. She studied graphic design at university, but “normal stuff” couldn’t hold her interest. To her, earning money was just a way fuel her true hobbies: gaming and cooking. 

After one and a half years of playing Hearthstone on Twitch, she’d grown a large, connected community. The opportunity to entertain an audience was a dream come true. 

But just as World of Warcraft had gotten stale for her, so too did Hearthstone. She tried out Arma roleplaying (a military shooter where streamers add a layer of fiction over the action by talking in character personas), even though she was afraid of losing the audience she’d built by playing a card game. It was Arma that introduced her to a streamer named Shlorox. Many roleplaying streams later, their friendly banter started to get more serious. 

“I worked for an agency that worked with streamers, and they wanted me to check out if he was a good fit for us. My first impression was that he was a super cute guy! It also turned out we had common friends, which resulted in us meeting IRL, and he was super cute there as well!”

She ended her relationship and her job to pursue streaming on Twitch full time. And even though she and Shlorox lived 400 kilometers apart, their relationship continued to grow. After sitcom levels of will-they-or-won’t-they, they finally began dating at the Twitch party at Gamescom in Germany. This year’s Gamescom will mark their third anniversary. 

With years of full time streaming under her belt, Tinkerleo has found a style that works for her and her community. She focuses on interacting with her audience and being herself, whether she’s gaming or doing a cooking stream. And she regularly travels to conventions to meet up with her community. 

“Today, streaming and gaming is my passion, my life. I have found new friends on Twitch, and I have found my love, Shlorox. It’s so amazing that what started as a nice little hobby became my world, and I wish that the next few years will also be full of purple!” 

Tinkerleo is going to TwitchCon Europe! Get your tickets now to meet her and the other Ambassadors.