Ambassador Spotlight 3: DamDamLive

You never know what to expect when you turn on DamDam’s stream. As someone who streamed more than 140 unique games in 2018, she truly embraces what it means to be a variety streamer on Twitch. Our third TwitchCon Europe Ambassador is here to share her passions for unique content creation, for making each day a new adventure for her community, and for supporting other women on Twitch and encouraging them to do the same. 

You can tell from DamDam’s earliest gaming experiences that she was destined to become a variety streamer. Beginning at childhood in 1988 with an Amiga 500, her parents, who traveled often, would regularly bring home new games for her whenever they returned. She quickly built up a huge library of games and expanded her video game tastes. 

“I loved to try out new games at an early age already, and that is something that I still do,” she said. “To date, I probably have more than 600 computer games and more than 25 different gaming systems in my apartment.”

From these roots, she later built a unique streaming style that her viewers love today. DamDam spends about 80 percent of her time on stream playing tons of different games, but for the rest, she entertains with equally varied activities like drawing contests and even cocktail tutorials.

“I always want to bring something new to the table, and I think that is why people like my stream, because no days are ever the same,” she said. “One of the first French streamers, MisterMV, always tried new things, and that was very inspiring for me in the beginning of my streaming career… I hope that my stream can inspire other women to do more amazing content. TwitchCon is great in that sense, it makes it possible for streamers and the community to meet each other and have a more positive dialogue.”

DamDam is going to TwitchCon Europe! Get your tickets now to meet her and the other Ambassadors.