The European Speedrunner Assembly is coming to TwitchCon Europe


If you like your games played fast, we’ve got two days chock full of speedrunning goodness on tap for TwitchCon Europe 2019. European Speedrunner Assembly is bringing their talents to Berlin to raise money for charity and show you what they’ve got. From their small town beginnings in Sweden, ESA has grown to be one of Europe’s most prestigious speedrunning associations, which makes them the perfect speedsters to join us at our first TwitchCon in Europe.

If you can’t make it to Berlin, you can tune in from home on /esamarathon. You can check out the full schedule and complete list of participants on ESA’s TwitchCon Europe 2019 Schedule page

Every run is going to be something special, but here are some highlights we think you won’t want to miss:

  • SayviTV is running Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Sayvi has been hard at work practicing the Immortal Severance ending and this promises to be a spicy run!

  • Cheese, one of the best speedrunners to ever play Super Mario 64, is doing it live from Berlin.

  • Torje holds the world record in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. This one is going to be quicker than you think, so get there on time!

  • QLEXplore will put his skills to the test against the impossibly hard, Tetris The Grandmaster 3.

  • coolkid, who specializes in retro/NES games (especially Mega Man) will be running on both days, but you’ll definitely want to tune in to his Mega Man 2 any% run on Saturday, April 13.

  • Samura1man has been flexing his Super Mario Sunshine skills for years and now he’s coming to show them off at TwitchCon. Catch him on Sunday, April 14.

  • Also running on Sunday is Metako. Although he’s known for his crazy Final Fantasy speedruns, at TwitchCon he’ll be doing back to back Castlevania: Symphony of the Night runs playing as both Alucard and Richter.

It all goes down in Berlin at TwitchCon Europe 2019. We’ll see you there!