Ambassador Spotlight 4 iamThanh

When you think about jobs that could help you be a better streamer, “financial advisor” probably wouldn’t make the list… until you meet iamThanh. While some creators focus on being entertaining, and others focus on sharing their skills, iamThanh blends both to create some of the most popular Hearthstone streams on Twitch. Now, our fourth TwitchCon Europe Ambassador is here to share his story about how to serve your community.

iamThanh started his streaming career in 2007. He mostly played League of Legends, and even though he was finding success, he put his streaming plans on pause to finish school. After landing an apprenticeship as a bank advisor, he was only able to play computer games in his spare time.

“Warcraft 2, Starcraft, Heroes of Might & Magic… I have always liked strategy games,” he said. “Then you of course have all the Blizzard games, such as Diablo and World of Warcraft. FPS games have never been my cup of tea.”

Though he enjoys a variety of games, he enjoys Hearthstone the most. Much of his knowledge of the game comes from many hours spent as a Hearthstone caster. He started by hosting his own tournaments and then turning that experience into casting gigs for major competitions. Today, he has the biggest Hearthstone community in Germany, many of whom have followed him since his scrappy start.

“When I [moved over to] streaming Hearthstone on Twitch in 2015, I thought a lot about what the audience wanted, and it was clear that there existed a gap between the very best players and the most entertaining streamers,” he said. “So I created my own style, where I combine my (hopefully) entertaining personality with my will to educate the viewers.”

Today, nearly all of his streams are dedicated to Hearthstone, where he has positioned himself as an “educational entertainer.” We can vouch for that title: while he was telling us about his personal background for this story, he also took plenty of time to tell us about the best Hearthstone decks to play in the current meta. 

His background in strategy games combined with years as bank advisor are great benefits to his streaming style. He offers Hearthstone coaching, and he helps his viewers choose their decks and strategic options. His community enjoys the attention to detail, the personal interaction, and receiving game advice from someone more than qualified to give it. 

“I think [viewers continue to] come back because I have a really friendly approach,” he said. “It feels as if I am their teacher and they are my students. Sometimes they mock me and then I mock them back. I know a lot of them and I meet them [in person] as well.”

From buying his community Hearthstone decks to creating a streaming network that helps other streamers grow, iamThanh has a passion for teaching others what it takes to build a great community.

“Interact with your audience, otherwise you can make videos instead,” he said. “Your audience wants to be heard, so give your viewers a lot of attention, and find your strengths. I may not be the best Hearthstone player, but I am still working hard to give the viewers value through entertainment and interaction.”

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