Ambassador Spotlight 5 QuickyBaby

QuickyBaby was one of the first World of Tanks streamers on Twitch, and he’s still going strong today. His community has grown into a family, and thanks to their yearly fundraisers, they’ve raised nearly $150,000 for cancer research and Special Effect, a UK based charity which uses video games and technology to enhance the quality of life of people with disabilities. Our fifth TwitchCon Europe Ambassador is here to share the story about how his community came together. 


When QuickyBaby started streaming on Twitch in May 2012, he was still in the middle of finishing his PhD, using satellites to measure vegetation on Earth. Miraculously, as his streaming career took off and transitioned into a full-time commitment, he still managed to earn his doctorate. But it wasn’t easy. 

“I had to give up sleeping for a while,” QuickyBaby said. “When Twitch is your passion, that is what you do in your free time as well. So I was playing games in my spare time to kind of get away from the whole writing experience… then [my stream] kind of transitioned into being a show as well, where you meet all these wonderful people and have a community growing up around you.”

QuickyBaby has an authentic approach to how he plays on stream: a mix between trying hard to win and progress, while at the same time being willing to give it all up and have a good giggle. It’s one of the reasons he’s developed such strong relationships with his viewers. 

“[We are] very close,” he said. “I have some dedicated subscribers who have been with me since the beginning, for 68 months. I have met loads of them at different Twitch events, and also outside of Twitch, and it is larger than life when hundreds of them turn up.” 

Late last year, QuickyBaby traveled to the US for the first time and met with his transatlantic audience at TwitchCon 2018 in San Jose. 

“Obviously, your community has a voice of what they write down in the Twitch chat, but to physically go and meet them and say ‘hi’ and see the faces behind it, and have personalities, and the jokes around there, it is a very humbling and humanizing experience,” he said. “It is a wake up call that every single one is a real person. How lovely they are, and how respectful they are. I feel very connected to all of them. It is really wonderful.”

Every year, QuickyBaby holds a charity marathon fundraiser with his community. To date, they have raised nearly $75,000 for cancer research and another $75,000 for Special Effect, but the experience is about a lot more than the money.

“When you get that many people coming together and thinking about these causes, then hopefully that encourages others to go and do fundraisers themselves or at least to talk about it with their friends and family. It reinforces how important it is to think about others, and problems that we face,” he said. “My father appeared on the stream last Christmas, and he divulged to the community that he had survived prostate cancer 15 years ago, and he told everyone. I am so lucky to have him in my life over that period, and it is just amazing to hear all these people fighting it themselves and come together.”

QuickyBaby’s welcoming and open approach towards talking with his audience has resulted in an exceptionally open and transparent community, where viewers share life changing stories with him and everyone else. 

“Viewers have sent me messages saying that serious things have happened, that they have been diagnosed with cancer, and it is crazy because I have seen their names in the chat for so long,” he said. “It is so inspiring to see the replies in the chat, others’ support, the positivity is amazing. Then you hear other members of the community saying they are getting married or that they have a kid and that they are watching the stream now with them. It is hard to keep your tears back when you hear things like that.” 

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