Ambassador Spotlight 6 Michi

The first thing that you notice about our sixth TwitchCon Europe Ambassador is her positive and warm personality. It rubs off on her community, whom she calls “family.” Here’s the story of how Michi’s community has always been her safe place and why she tries to do the same for them. 

Michi was born in the Philippines, but moved to Sweden with her family at a very young age. As with many siblings, Michi and her older brother played a lot of video games growing up;  she used the old Kirby tricks to defeat him while playing Super Smash Bros. on GameCube. For a long time, she didn’t have a computer, so her streaming career started with an Xbox. 

“It started out as a hobby. My ex-boyfriend told me about this cool website where you could stream, since he thought I played so much Halo and that I might as well show people how to do it,” she said. “So I started streaming on Twitch, and experienced a warm and positive atmosphere really fast, so I just kept going.’‘ 

Back then, Michi had various jobs that prevented her from streaming more than in her spare time, but her audience wanted more—and so did she. To make it happen, they worked really hard and, together, made it possible for Michi to quit her job and start streaming full time. 

“I still remember when my community and I pushed for partnership. I think I streamed nonstop for a week with all of my community supporting me,” she said. “I played an insane number of games while chatting with my viewers and just having a wonderful time. The love and energy that I felt in my channel during that period is indescribable.” 

Michi is a creative variety streamer, and as much as she loves playing games like Call of Duty, she also likes talking to her audience about various subjects and her interests, like healthy living and veganism. Twice a year, Michi hosts a charity stream for Save the Children, where her community plays a huge part. Together, they have collected over $1,000 each time.  

“I really feel for the kids, and I have worked a lot with Save the Children. People in my community are so generous, which results in us reaching our goals no matter how high they are,” she said. “When we do that, we celebrate with crazy stuff like wearing ugly wigs or funny glasses.”

Michi’s love for her community is personal; she refers to them as her family. There are many viewers that have been with her since the beginning. It’s a positive environment, where she plays a huge role, but for many, it’s a safe place to return to, including herself. 

“I have experienced some setbacks the last couple of years, but my community has always been there for me. When I stream, I get so much positive energy from my community that problems become much easier to face,” she said. “Many people that watch my stream feel the same, and I’m trying to be there for them, as they are for me.”

A touching example of her warm and close relationship to her viewers is when her father sadly passed away last year. His last wish was to go visit the Philippines again. 

“He couldn’t go there because of his bad health. When he passed away, my community paid my travels so I could go there and bury him. I’m so grateful for having them,” she said. “I have found so many new friends thanks to Twitch, and many of them are going to TwitchCon. I’m really looking forward to meeting them all!”

Michi  is going to TwitchCon Europe! Tune in via!