Ambassador Spotlight 8 Ethieen

Ethieen’s love for her community is something special. She combines both a full-time job and streaming, but she always puts her viewers first. Our eighth TwitchCon Europe Ambassador is here to share her story on how important it is to create a safe community where your audience can be themselves. 

Unlike many people, Ethieen had a lot of support for playing video games growing up. She played a lot of console games with her brother and dad, and then they all entered Azeroth, where Ethieen’s father is still hanging around today. She got introduced to Twitch by a friend in 2013, and her streaming career started as a hobby, with only two viewers—her and her brother. 

“When I discovered Twitch, my first question was: why do people watch other people play video games?” she said. “I liked it, started streaming, and it all just kept going. When I reached 100 viewers for the first time, I remember that I ran in to my brother’s room and was super happy.”

At that time, Ethieen went to university for digital art, which included a lot of overlay and Photoshop courses. Nowadays, she is both streaming and working full time as a Community Specialist for Razer. 

“Some days are crazy because I have two full-time jobs, but I’m really loving it,” she said.

The biggest reason Ethieen is able to manage everything is her amazing community, which she is really proud of. In December last year, Ethieen took part in a charity stream project for the Spanish organisation Juegaterapia, where her community played a big part in fundraising over €75,000 for children with cancer.

“Juegaterapia had this project called HospiGames, where they gave video games to children in hospitals. I’m so proud to have been a part of that, together with my community,” she said. “I think your community reflects who you are as a person, and I feel that together we have created a safe, healthy—and in a good way—crazy community.” 

Her community is not only a safe place for the audience, it also makes Ethieen feel comfortable. As a streamer, she plays whatever game she wants, and even if people sometimes question her decisions, she is not afraid of losing her audience. Sometimes she’ll even pause in the middle of a game of Overwatch, just to talk to them. Ethieen believes that her community is so strong she doesn’t need to be performing for them all the time. 

“People can feel safe in my chat,” she said. “They often talk with each other, without me being included. They are all friends at this point, and my stream is just a meeting point. Just look at all the couples who have met in my chat!”

Even if Ethieen is sometimes on a tight schedule between her full-time job and her stream, she always tries to stay positive. Ethieen wants people in her audience who may be experiencing a rough day to forget about it when they enter her channel. 

“I see myself as an inspiration to others, and I’m working really hard to create a positive environment in my community,” she said. “I try my best every day even if I’m not feeling great myself and many viewers say they are thankful for that. I really enjoy talking to them and meeting them in real life. Many of them are coming to TwitchCon, where I will be an Ambassador. What a dream come true!”

Ethieen  is going to TwitchCon Europe! Tune in via!