Ambassador Spotlight 9 RoyalPhunk

He’s a theater actor, who hopes to achieve something with his special voice, but what RoyalPhunk is most excited about right now is being chosen as our ninth TwitchCon Europe Ambassador. Here is the story about his unique relationship to his long-term community and how to remain a positive force in a community where even the trolls are welcome.


RoyalPhunk grew up on a farm with his mother, grandmother, and uncle. At a young age, since he was not allowed to play video games at first, RoyalPhunk got introduced to gaming by watching his uncle play games on the Commodore 64.

“Later on, he said that I could play myself, but I had to promise not to break it when I got angry with a game, like he used to do,” RoyalPhunk said. “A couple  years later, I got my own PC and a Game Boy, and since then, I have been addicted to games in general, including board and card games.”

RoyalPhunk learned about streaming when a friend of his started streaming back in 2011. Until then, he had only recorded and uploaded plays on the internet, and to see someone who could play live, record, and count viewers at the same time was a completely mind blowing experience for him.

“I was just like; how cool is that?” he said. “So I started streaming on my own, and then I discovered, which led to me being one of the first streamers on Twitch.”

As one of the first streamers on Twitch, RoyalPhunk’s community has been with him for a very long time.Knowing these people for over 10 years has resulted in strong ties between RoyalPhunk and his community. 

“It feels like we have grown up together, and they have become older together with me,” he said. “I know many of their names, what they are working with, and if they are in relationships etc. It is hard to describe our bond: we have not met in real life, but we are still so much more than just internet buddies; it’s special.”

RoyalPhunk’s channel is a place where viewers can feel relaxed, and he is very keen to make them feel that way. 

“Hopefully I do inspire some people, even if I do not see myself as an inspiration,” he said. “I mean, MANvsGAME, for instance. He is a huge inspiration for me and one of the reasons I fell in love with streaming. However, I don’t think he sees himself as an inspiration and neither do I. But I hope my personality and my point of view while talking about certain things can inspire others.”

RoyalPhunk is a very open minded and humble guy, grateful for every viewer he gets. He welcomes everyone to his stream and  encourages his viewers to not get mad with trolls or haters since everyone has the right to either like or not like him.
“I understand since it’s impossible to love everyone, but they are still welcome to my stream,” he said. “That is something I’m very proud of: how my community interacts with others, how they welcome new people, and how they treat me and themselves. Even if we are over 3000 viewers, we have managed to create a welcoming and relaxed chat that people enjoy— and we have done it together.”

RoyalPhunk is going to TwitchCon Europe! Tune in via!